Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello, readers, and welcome to Hello, Wedding!, my brand-new blog detailing my and my new fiance's explorations into planning a wedding. First, a little about us:

Bride (aka me): 23, radio journalist, painter, sketcher, sometimes clothes/jewelry designer, Harvard grad (history and literature), living in New York, from New Jersey (Morristown)
Groom (aka him): 25, economist, soccer player, Excel enthusiast, sometimes singer/beat boxer, Harvard grad (eco, natch), studying in Chicago, from New Jersey (Moorestown--I know, cute right?)

We got engaged just a little over two weeks ago, standing in a pretty little field of wildflowers somewhere in the mountains of Spain. Wedding date is far away, mostly because I am clinging to the last radio journalism job left in the world, and Dave has been accepted to the wonderful ec PhD program at the University of Chicago. We have yet to decide much more than the basics: the place (Morristown), the church (my high school's chapel), and the people (him + me + priest).

Why blog? I thought it would help us focus the kind of wedding we would like, provide an online portfolio for curious friends and family, and connect us with similarly-minded brides and grooms who could (hopefully?) offer suggestions or advice. Also, I like blogging (witness my foray into cooking for myself: Res-o-puh-leese). With that said, welcome and enjoy!