Friday, October 15, 2010

The Place: Neshanic Valley


is Neshanic Valley Golf Club.

Isn't it lovely? I take no credit for finding it (thanks Mom!), but as soon as I walked through the doors, I knew it was for us (Dave was convinced when he drove up the drive and saw the golf academy). Out in farm country, surrounded by trees and grass and flowers, it has clean lines, big windows, simple, elegant furnishings. The ballroom is on the second floor of the building with a wraparound balcony (cocktail hour!). All together, it is lovely and understated, its many windows and balcony highlighting the amazing views (can't wait to be there during a sunset).

Pretty much sealed the deal for Dave...

Not that it wasn't a trial finding it...

As I started my wedding planning extravaganza, choosing the reception venue was the thing I dreaded the most. I had big dreams for the venue: I wanted simple, clean, an intimate, charming space with soul. Unfortunately, I come from Northern New Jersey, which roughly interprets "soul" as "covered with baby angels made of gold. Also, CHANDELIERS!!!!!" Now, I'm not knocking people who like baby angels made of gold. Different strokes and their own drums and that's what makes the world go round. But Dave and I are not those people. Did the venue website include the word "princess" in the description? Move on, move on.

nothing says "love" like frozen naked babies with wings

After narrowing down the finalists, my mom and I set off on the four (4) hour drive to all the venues. We asked questions, we checked out bathrooms (ladies and gentlemen!), we studied light placement and table size and outdoor options. It was studied. It was long. It took aaaall day (did I maybe get a little cranky and try my kindergarten-teacher-mom's already impressive patience? Possibly...).

In the end, though, it was worth it. I knew right from the beginning that Neshanic was the place for us, and checking out the other venues only reinforced the decision. A few days later I sent Dave off to look at them without me (he said the owners seems to vacilate between pleasantly surprised and pitying), and he agreed: Venue. Check.