Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Blahg: Redux

Well, one month on and nary a post in site (oh puns...)! It was on purpose, as Dave and I try to figure out what we're doing with the whole getting married thing and I didn't want to start posting until we had clearer ideas of where/when/what our wedding would be. I'm not sure if that was a good thing though, because I would have liked to write about the process: the anxiety of thinking there is NOWHERE in the entire state that is just right for our reception, the silly flood of bridal magazines taking over my living room, the frightening and overwhelming distinctions between flower arrangements (wtf pomander?).

And I also was curious what information would be shared over the blog. Dave and I are not particularly "let me tell you about my colonoscopy"-type people (who are those people?), and we don't like too much fuss/drama/attention (Dave is predicting that on our wedding day I will spend 10% of the time basking in the focused attention of dozens of friends and family and 90% wondering when we can leave, get a pizza, and go to sleep). Plus, we're going all-in on personal details that mean a lot to us, and while I'm not someone who thinks she owns gardenias tied with hand-crocheted lace, I do feel weird exposing the inner workings of my brain/sketch book (same diff?).

But, over the past month, I've increasingly thought "Oh I wish I'd kept up with the wedding blog--I could have written something about that," and now with some of the big blocks starting to fall in place, I'm feeling, dare I say, bloggy.

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