Monday, April 5, 2010

What a Doll!

When I walked into Dave's apartment this weekend, I was stunned to discover one of my good friends had made me a little buddy for my 24th birthday! Kathy, one of our college friends and one of the craftiest people I know, made me a little mini-Kendall (complete with a change of clothes!). She modeled it after the cartoon version of myself I drew for my other blog, Res-oh-puh-leese:
I am very fond of this little cartoon. I started drawing it a few years ago when I was sitting in class or buried in the library or staring outside at 3 feet of Cambridge slush; I would draw a little cartoon Kendall and a little cartoon Dave doing something fun (tropical locations featured heavily). For our second anniversary I gave Dave a whole sketchbook filled with cartoons of my favorite memories of our relationship, and we're even planning to incorporate them into the wedding, either in save-the-dates, or molded in clay for a cake topper. So, I was touched and thrilled to see my little 3D girl.

Although, I think this wedding planning thing is getting to me... In a nod to my explosive forays into the world of cooking, Kathy included two doll aprons, one a sturdy working apron (seen here), the other a frilly hostess apron (seen...tied on her head, because I thought it was a veil...). Wedding is in my braains...BRAAAAIIINNNSSS!!!!

Hello cuteness? Indeed. I sort of want to make a Dave doll so we can smash their faces together and pretend they're kissing. And then make them fly. And explode each other. Did I mention I turned 24?

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