Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tips to Get People Up and Dancin

My Glenn Miller shout-out reminded me of something I saw at a wedding that I absolutely loved. A few years ago when our friends Jacob and Jeanette got married, instead of the traditional box-step first dance, they opted for an elaborately-choreographed salsa number.* It was awesome--Jeanette traded her wedding gown for a cute little short gown, Jacob worked his two left feet like a rockstar, and they left everyone equal parts impressed and jealous.

When they were done, they invited a friend up on to the dance floor and explained that she'd choreographed the whole thing and gave them all dance lessons. But what was more, she also offered to give everyone at the reception a dance lesson. It was great! Everyone got up on their feet, trying out a few salsa moves, and when the dancing began in earnest, people were already up and having a great time.

I don't really plan on putting on a show at my reception, because besides the difficulties of learning, remembering, and performing a complicated, show-stopping number on a day when I will probably be so nervous that BREATHING IN AND OUT will be trial enough, Dave is not really such a great dancer (he does what I affectionately call the white boy shuffle). Still, I love the idea of arranging a 10-minute dance lesson for our guests to help them get into a groove.

Sweet, simple, and fun--and one of my favorite wedding memories.

Don't have your own amazing salsa-teaching friend? Hello, YouTube:

*I'd also like to take this moment to recount one of my favorite wedding stories ever. Dave and I, tasked with picking up Jacob and Jeanette's cake, disappeared out a side door as soon as the ceremony was over, where we ran into the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Bryant. They were not giggly, they were not jumping for joy--Jeanette turned to Jacob and said with the straightest face I've ever seen on a bride outside a wedding dress catalog, "Hey. We just got married." And Jacob said "Yeah, you're right! That's pretty cool." And then they smiled at each other. I know, right?


  1. Hi Kendall! Dave told me about your wedding blog, and I had to check it out; it's just the sweetest thing ever! I hope you don't mind semi-strangers peeking at your wedding thoughts.

    My sister had a salsa teacher give a lesson at her quinceanera, and it was a blast. Definitely a great idea--it helped all the non-puerto ricans in the room get moving, and was followed by a hilarious dance competition (photos of which haunt me to this day...).

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, you non-semi-stranger!

    Yes, I definitely feel genetically gifted with my ritma boricua :)