Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Videography Done Right

Dave and I have pretty much nixed getting a videographer. "Remember that Flip camera you got?" he said. "We don't even watch that." (except for the time I surprised him with a 4-month-belated Christmas present) And frankly, I never really saw the appeal; most wedding videos I've seen are fuzzy-sounding atrocities jazzed up with star-swoops and soundbites from Grandma giving awkward sex advice. I don't even like the quick-cut close-up wedding video seen in Love, Actually, which some videographers actually boast they could reproduce just for you (you know the best part about that video? it was thirty seconds long).

But then my future-brother-in-law forwarded me the video from a friend's wedding, and I was completely blown away. Beautiful imagery, stunning photography, heartfelt editing--I've never even met these people and I actually shed a little tear, just witnessing all these wonderful little moments from their wedding events. It perfectly captured the love the two of them feel for each other and the pure joy of friends and families getting to witness and celebrate their marriage. And I challenge you to listen to the brother of the bride's proud, nervous toast to his sister without getting choked up.

As brother-in-law Steve says, "a trailer for the wedding? I really want to see this movie!"

Naeema + Taha from Society Hill Studios* on Vimeo.

*they are in New Jersey, where Dave and I are getting married. wheels spinning...


  1. Sadly, the only part missing from the video was Jenna's Bollywood debut. The world needs to see....

  2. Yeah, that's pretty amazing. Of course, South Asian party clothes and dancing are pretty much to die for anyway.

    The only reason I wish we had some video is because I remember really liking what the priest said in his homily, and we have *no record* of it. We should have asked for a transcript!

  3. Oh yeah, he was awesome! Wedding Homily Done Right :)

  4. Hi I am Jon, part of the team at and I wanted to personally thank you for this! Naeema + Taha and their families were absolutely amazing. You made our day. It's really nice to see that our work is appreciated :)

  5. Hi Jon, Thanks so much for stopping by my lil ole blog! You guys do beautiful work!

  6. Hi Kendall, So Steve tipped me off to the wedding video making the blog, so glad you liked it! :) And thanks for the kind words about the wedding. It was indeed one of the most special times of my life and society hill captured the feel and wonder of the events amazingly. I debated the real need for a wedding video as well in my wedding-planning stages, but these videos have already served as a wonderful reminder of how amazing the air was during that time for us. Congrats again to you and Dave! (we met at Jenna and Steve's wedding, and again at Adam's 1st bday if you remember) and best of luck with all of the wedding fun!

  7. Thanks for the kind words! And of course I remember you! :)

    I'm always impressed to see videos, photos, whatever that capture the spirit of the day. It makes me very excited for my wedding!