Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carved Wedding Bands

I am still waffling about my wedding band, since my requirements are much more complicated than Dave's (plain, simple, white gold). I know what I'd like: something not too flashy but still personal, something small, something that could complement my engagement ring, something I could wear out hiking in the mud or making a sand castle or painting without worrying about, something elegant enough for a fancy dinner or the ballet or a business meeting.

I'm still searching, but I think I've found the style I want: a carved wedding band. Although some of them can inch towards looking a little Lisa Frank, the wheat design of this art deco band is so lovely.

And how beautiful is this modern-style crown of olive leaves?

I'm leaning towards a band of flowers. My mom has one and loves telling the story of how she and my dad visited their jeweler with a little bag of diamonds and how he sketched out a few simple flowers, dropping a diamond in the center of each. I always loved how simple and feminine it was and how unique the design felt in comparison to most jewelry store bands.

My mom's band is yellow gold and rather wide, and she wears it alone (her engagement ring was turned into a necklace). With the help of my design-o-matic brother, I'm hoping to have a ring a little smaller and more delicate and modern.

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