Monday, December 28, 2009

Star Hair Clips

At home sick today I leafed through my latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (an engagement gift from my cousin that keeps my apartment awash in wedding magazines) to see their story on star hair clips.

I've been a fan of these since Kiera Knightley dressed-up her art deco do in Atonement with a pair of clips (one is found by her well-meaning but nosy younger sister, alerting her that Kiera and the maid's son are canoodling in the library), but it's hard to find them at prices less than your month's rent (the Martha clips above top $1200 for three. Sheesh.).

As usual, though, Etsy (the hipster/indie/DIY/poor bride's best friend), comes to the rescue with a few vintage options, ranging from $5-$25 (I know.)

I like the nature-inspired look of these two, with the lazy-swaying starfish on the left and the leaf-nestled beribboned star on the right. ($10 from Gypsy's Trinkets)

Although a little dusty, this sweet little star is a steal at $5 (from bjalderman)

This one would pair nicely with the one above, and was the only to break double-digits ($25 from Billy Galaxy)

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