Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kendall, Candle, Candle, Kendall

With Dave in New York this week I'm taking advantage to getting Lots of Wedding Things Done (that deserved to be capitalized). Today, Dave registered us for Pre-Cana, I emailed our "personal registry consultant" (really!) at Bloomingdale's, and I contacted Team: Wedding (aka my bridesmaids) about dress fittings. Tomorrow we're checking out Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Thursday we plan to go shopping for wedding rings. Also on the agenda: sketching out our save-the-dates and invites and sculpting our cake toppers (version 1 was too big, version 2 too cartoony, version 3 will be abstract and sculptural. I...think.).

But tonight! I am thinking about candles. My kiddo loves candles almost more than me (which is funny! because my name sort of sounds like...y'know...). We're currently in the middle of the Great Tablescaping Debate (flowers? hurricane glasses? moss?). Right now, in the dead of winter, I'm feeling the no-flowers thing, nothing but simple, beautiful candles.

I'm all for simple greenery and pretty white candles.

Colored candle holders! I actually sort of want this in our house.

Beeeautiful! Although you'd sort of have to say good-bye to the person on the other side of the table. Still, pretty, no?

Not for tables but still gorgeous. These I'm actually pretty sure we'll do.

Big, bold, beautiful.
I love the simple statement of a row of oversized white candles.
Plus then Dave can take them to study by
(which he really does! I think he thinks it's cozy..?)

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  1. excerpt from an actual skype conversation last week:

    Philipp : 22:50:20
    what is a flower centerpiece

    I hope Dave knows what a centerpiece is.