Thursday, January 27, 2011


While the search for a florist continues, I'm on the lookout for bouquets

Pearls and peonies and pink!
I can just imagine a line of bridesmaids, swinging these around
(with my friends, the bouquets would swiftly become weapons, but still, pretty?)

I'm still leaning towards pale, antiquey, simple... so.
I like how tiny the bouquet looks in this guy's huge hands.

Beautiful simplicity.

Sweet and soft, just enough colors to keep things interesting

Real bride alert!
Beautiful pinwheel flowers

File this under "Love, but can't pull off in real life."
There's something so joyful and fun about a big bunch of long-stemmed flowers

But sadly I can imagine these falling apart in my hands
oh-two-hundred seconds after getting them.

And, as much as I love color,
I still wouldn't rule out the traditional.

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