Friday, January 28, 2011

The Weirdest (Coolest) Wedding Thing I've Found on Etsy

It is no secret I am an Etsy fan, be it for sister-in-law presents or antique jewelry or inspiration. And Etsy is on to all of us crafty, blogging brides, with a whole wonderful section devoted to everything wedding (which inspired a blog! It's like one of those snakes that eats its own tail).

That's where I found this:


Something seems to be...

kind of twisted...

even...loony (hahahahahahahHAhahaha)

Something tells me the bride who goes for this is not the Say Yes to the Dress type.

Even the "normal" little couple, surrounded by doves,
kinda looks like a still from a Hitchcock movie

Says the maker:
"In this shop, a cake topper that is content to remain human becomes the real oddity.
But this couple dares to be different!"

How much do I love?
Love love love.
Throw your money at this talented lady.
Ceramic wonderments, $30-50 at her Etsy store.

I want one million of these in my house.

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