Sunday, May 1, 2011

Will and Kate and Happiness

Like the rest of the world, I was caught up in the big wedding this Friday. Working in a newsroom, where there are more TVs than people, it was like living inside a William and Kate Funhouse--you couldn't walk two feet without seeing constantly-streaming feeds or hearing another breathless report.

And why not? It was a great event. The dress! The kiss! The adorable curmudgeonly bridesmaid! I admit I kept one of those streams running on my desktop (also running? The Telegraph live blog, which had many gems throughout the day, my favorite being their takedown of how American television anchors had to keep explaining why Kate was not, unfortunately, a princess).

My favorite part of the whole wedding? Cartwheeling verger and 20-foot maple trees aside, I just loved those smiles. The smiles that say "We just got married, yaaaay!!!" The big, goofy, rosy-cheeked smiles that mean they are ridiculously happy, excited, thrilled, dazed.

I love those smiles. I see them on the faces of my sweet, wonderful, married friends, and they just make me grin. So it was wonderful to turn on the TV and not see nerves or discomfort or "WTF am I doing oh crap I hope this works out" (which, to be fair, is maybe how I would look if my nuptials were on display for 2 million+ people...), but the same joyful, time-of-our-lives smiles.

Can't wait for my own, big ole smile :)

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