Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ring it On

I've already blogged about Dave's wedding ring. One more time, it is a fingerprint ring (with my fingerprint inside, not Dave's, you strange, confused, unromantic people...). Here is us making a mold of my finger (beware the sleepyface, be-robed pictured halfway down the page). Ever since he sent the mold in a few weeks ago, I've been asking "Has it come yet? Has it come yet???" So it was wonderful to get home one day and discover this in my email:

ehh...he'll get the right hand someday...

The subject line was, appropriately enough, "Is this real life??"

I know! It's bizarre.

Can you confirm this is your fingerprint, plz?

Woah! Did you guys know we're getting married? It's true! We have rings n stuff...

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