Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Reason to Love Etsy

Etsy is my favorite place to drool over whimsical, beautiful, vintagey arts and crafts, and the cheerful descriptions and bargain-basement prices mean I will likely be one-stop-shopping there for bridesmaids' gifts and jewelry (see lovely hair pieces below). Although I've only done online window-shopping (Christmas spending hit me hard and my faceless corporation is pushing back bonuses until February), it was the first place I suggested Dave look when he told me that for Christmas he planned on getting me a typewriter, to encourage me to get back into writing (btdubs, best gift on the planet, amiright?).

While most places offered vintage typewriters (I am a fan of non-electric, non-boxy machines that come in a variety of lovely pastels), they were upwards of $500, shipping not included. We turned to Etsy and hallelujah--dozens of perfectly-working, beautifully restored vintage machines, ranging between $80 and $300.

We finally settled on a minty green Hermes 3000 from the 1940s (I am already in love), did the PayPal thing, and sent an email to the seller letting her know it would be going to New York (where I live) not Chicago (where Dave--and his credit card--lives). Ten minutes ago Dave forwarded me the email he got back from the seller, a four-paragraph message of sweet hipster enthusiasm for the typewriter, approval for Dave's stellar gift-giving skills, and best wishes for our long-distance relationship.

Etsy = awesome

My new toy.
PS: the seller, Joanne has many other beautiful things at her Etsy store, Shaving Kit Supplies
Check it out!

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