Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogging for Love and Profit

searching for le elusive blog post

Five-ish months into our engagement, and four-ish into my wedding blahg, I'm starting to hit a wall. On my other blog, which covers my shaky forays into cooking for myself, it's easy for me to spin out a post, but here, I'm struggling to say what I want to say. I've been wondering why that is, and why I keep writing posts only to delete them with a frustrated sigh, and while I'm still not convinced that that won't happen again, I think (hope) that I've figured out how to make things easier.

Far from writing about my kitchen fire(s) and futile attempts to eat vegetables, this blog has a slightly different feel to it. I can be offhand and invisible behind my battered, second-hand cookware, but writing about my wedding, with a guy I'm nuts about, makes things pretty personal, and it's tricky to balance between the sacred and the silly. My favorite blogs are the ones written by smart, serious, funny women who are navigating the Wedding Industrial Complex with grace and humor and occasional breakdowns. They're personal without being oversharey, funny without being depricating, smart without being overly panicky.

It's a high bar. My hope is this little blog can add some fun and lightness to wedding planning (sparkly hairclips!) while at the same time giving me a place to talk about the tougher, knottier, more enragingly stressful things. Because truthfully, it's hard going through this craziness. Being the first of my friends to get engaged, picking out wedding details and wondering when we'll actually set a date, wondering when I can stop thinking of Sundays as time-to-say-goodbye-to-Dave-days--it's tough.

So here's to hoping that this moment of self reflection can help me pull things together a little more in 2010 (resolution! noooo....). Because getting married is a wonderful thing. And blogging is a wonderful thing. And being honest and funny and thoughtful are all wonderful things. And it would be nice to bring those all together.

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