Sunday, January 10, 2010

Talented Friends: Andrew the Photographer

This is Andrew:

And these are some of Andrew's photos*:

Is he not brilliant? Evocative? Absurdly talented?

Andrew is one of my good friends and a former intern of mine when we were both poor, starving, and air conditionless in New York (some of us have yet to move beyond those things...). He was/is a photographer whose boundless enthusiasm for interesting moments and tableaus would have been annoying if he wasn't so charmingly excited all the time. I don't think he's ever taken two steps out his house without at least three or four cameras slung on himself, and when he gets into photo-taking mode he can be so intensely focused that I used to keep watch over him like an anxious parent, lest he completely forget about me and wander away to go take some photos of a cool fisherman or something.

Andrew may also be part of the reason Dave and I got engaged, since looking at his photos would make both of us say we needed to have a shotgun wedding asap so we could hire Andrew before he got too expensive for us (still true).

*they are scrunched up and poorly-rendered here, and a million times more beautiful at his website:

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  1. I tell ya... That boy isn't too shabby!
    Get him while he's cheap!