Monday, March 14, 2011

Made an Impression

After much deliberation, Dave finally decided to go with the fingerprint ring I noticed last summer (just for his ring: I ended up choosing a different wedding band, which will soon get a blog post of its own). They are so, so beautiful, so much so that I'm willing to lay aside my concerns about giving him a wedding ring in which its main appeal is inside the ring, thereby encouraging him to take it off and (probably) spin it across surfaces like he's the host of a late-night talk show.

Part of the fun of the fingerprint wedding rings is that they send you a kit to get your fingerprints. So, we broke it out last weekend.

Everything came with easy-to-read instructions, although I wouldn't recommend trying to do this on your own. There was a lot of boiling water, running water, moving between hot and cold.

We started with soaking my hand in water for 8 minutes, to raise the fingerprints.

It was very early in the morning, hence my "I am not amused/awake" face and Hello Kitty! bathrobe. Don't judge.

The impression kit came with these three-inch long black strips, which we had to heat up in boiling water so they would be soft enough to take impressions (they sent lots of extras in case of mishaps).

Dave boiled the water, then we poured it into a bowl where we floated one of the black strips.

After a few seconds, I took the black strip off and pressed my finger against it (the strip was warm, but not super hot, thankfully).

Then I had to hold my finger under cold running water for a minute to set the impression. This was, by far, the worst part of the whole experience. I am a wimp when it comes to cold, and I spent the whole minute whining and wishing for time to speed up. Then I did again seven more times.

Meanwhile, as I was incapacitated, my wonderful future husband cooked me breakfast. This was a terrific perk and "Have your fiance cook you food" should be part of the official directions.

By the end, we had a beautiful, perfect impression of my finger, for use in my future husband's wedding ring. Yay!

*Like the ring, too? Check out more designs and ordering info here

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