Monday, February 8, 2010

Fountain of Youth, Love, Happiness

One of the fun things about planning-not-planning the wedding is finding sweet little details that mean a lot to me and Dave that are also nice perks for our guests.

Case in point: chocolate fountain.

Way back in our college dorm, Dave and I used to regularly attend study breaks thrown at the house of our laid-back, kind, and funny house masters (they're like the mom and dad of our dorm. Or, in Harry Potter terms, the McGonagall to our Gryffindor). They would often be themed--sub sandwich (I still dreeeeam of the meat lover's blend), chips and munchies--but the best, by far, were the dessert theme nights, and the crowning glory of the dessert study break was the chocolate fountain.

It took Dave about three seconds to decide that we were absolutely having a chocolate fountain at our wedding, in a nod to our Cabot House, sugared-up roots, and also because, y'know, chocolate fountains are AWESOME.

Image from Forever Fountains, from which you can rent some "flowering chocolate fountains," whatever that means. We are probably going to rent, not buy, because while having a chocolate fountain at your wedding is fun and delicious, keeping one in your kitchen pantry is probably the definition for some kind of eating disorder.


  1. my mother went to a wedding where they served mini ice cream cones turned upside down on a bed of sprinkles! it was so cute, and was a great way to pass a treat around after dinner before desert formally began.

    another really cute idea is mini cupcakes dipped in the chocolate fountain. just about anything dipped in chocolate is amazing!

    good luck and congratulations!

  2. Mini cupcakes?! This sounds amazing...

    Thanks for visiting!