Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kick Up Ma Heels

I'm not sure what shoes I'll wear on my wedding day except that I know they won't be white (or clear or silver or dyable) and will probably be brightly colored and good for dancing. I'm thinking probably something along the lines of a bright yellow Mary Jane heel, but while walking down the street on the phone with Dave, I passed a Western-style leather goods store and decided that nothing would be nicer than a pair of little red cowgirl boots to do some dancin in.

Something tells me they will probably be vetoed by my mom, my friends, and (admittedly) my own fashion sense, but at least they got Dave's approval.

These beauties on sale at Etsy (of course. I tried looking elsewhere first but should have just stuck with the tried and true): $155 from Rust Belt Threads

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