Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catch Me If You Can Save the Dates

Hooray for wedding planning! I will take any excuse to pretend I am a graphic designer, but it's nice to actually have a semi-legitimate reason now.

We're still debating Save-the-Date ideas, but I can't get the travel theme out of my head. With that in mind I made this Catch Me If You Can-inspired card (by "inspired" I mean "copied and pasted directly from the opening credits." It might have taken animators 4 months to make their credits, I knocked out this little number in about an hour).

I like it a lot--it's cute, funny, reflects all the hours we've spent sitting in airports for each other, and even the title, Catch Me If You Can, fits for a wedding.

*And no, that is not the date when we're getting married. Because that is still up in the air (although now somewhat narrowed down), I went with something generic: my birthday. Again, friends and family, don't go savin' nothing (this message may or may not be intended for my future brother in law. Just sayin.)


  1. March 29, 2011. Date saved! I'll be there!


  2. Yes, good thing you warned us, because I was about to go into Google Calendar and start saving.