Monday, July 12, 2010

Cuff Links for My Kiddo

If I can get my rear in gear and/or learn how to do it, I think I would like to make cuff links for my groom-to-be and his wonderful groomsmen.

That, or I will cop out and buy them from Etsy... It's not my fault! This stuff is cute!

I am always in awe of the lovely wood-inlaid pieces on Etsy
These beauties are no exception

One time Dave and I visited the (wonderful, but textbook yuppie) couple I dog-sat for.
They were drinking glasses of wine, listening to jazz, and playing Scrabble.
It was like a Stuff White People Like explosion!
Since then Dave has often expressed his desire to drink wine and play Scrabble.
But thanks to an obnoxious college roommate,
I can't stand the game (yay Ivy League!)
Still, I could see myself making this small concession to marital bliss.

Yankee Stadium cuff links!
Juuuuust kidding. If I gave these to Dave he probably would not marry me.
Sports are funny.

I love these. Lovelovelove.
With my kiddo in Chicago and me in New York,
this is like our relationship, in cuff link form!

Typewriters are very important to me.
Back when I was considering writing for a living,
Dave went and bought me the most beautiful vintage typewriter,
his way of saying that he supported me.
I know, right?

Black Lego for the classy nerd.

Lego PLUS Star Wars?!
Now I know what to get my brother when he gets married

I wouldn't actually buy these.
I just like how much they remind me of that episode from the Simpsons
when Homer gives a pair of heirloom cufflinks to Lisa's future husband

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