Monday, July 5, 2010

My Lovely Ladies

yes. they are very pretty. even steve

These are the wonderful, beautiful, kind, funny women who will be my bridesmaids. Clockwise from top left they are Marisa, Dave's sister; Danielle, my archery/camp/Boston buddy; Jenna (on the left), Dave's sister-in-law; and Evie, my maid-of-honor and dear college friend. They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of women/friends/family.

Marisa - my future lil sis! And my partner in crime for keeping Dave in line. I think I fell in love with her right from the beginning (she made me a smoothie and told Dave to stop biting me! True story) and I am looking forward to years of raiding her stylish wardrobe and warding off skeezy old men at bars who try to get her to dance with them.

Danielle - who has never failed to crack a pun every single day since I've met her, who is already planning my bachelorette party. Former archery teammate and co-camp-counselor, Danielle is probably the most positive, upbeat, cheerful person I've ever met in my entire life, someone who reminds me constantly to enjoy life, love, friends, and family.

Jenna - my future big sis! Every since Dave and I met Jenna, Dave's brother's girlfriend-->fiancee-->wife, I've been saying "You know, I really like Jenna." And I really do! Dave is thinking about moving next door to Steve and Jenna when we're all grown up and when he told me my reaction was "And I'll get to see Jenna every day and hang out and watch terrible MTV dating shows with her yaaaaay!!!!"

Evie - oh Evie. What more can I say? Evie who was there when Dave and I met, who was there when we (very, very temporarily) broke up, who called Dave's proposal fully six months in advance, whose response to hearing we were getting married and she was going to be maid-of-honor was "Pleasepleaseplease don't get married June or July of 2011 because I'm taking the bar!", who puts up with my relationship talk and wedding complaints and starry-eyed gushing, who else could have filled her (low-heeled, sensible) shoes so well?

I am thrilled and excited that these are the people who will be standing next to me when Dave and I get married. I know every one of them will support me, make me laugh, get me tissues, and ensure I'm fed, rested, and relaxed. Plus they will all look smashing in whatever pink poofy monstrosity I pick for them, right ladies? Honestly, though, I feel incredibly lucky for each of them--I keep reading all these articles about "Bridesmaids Gone Wild!" "What To Do When Your Bridesmaid Steals the Show!" "How to Make Your Bridesmaid Your Slaaaaave!" and wondering, who are these people? My bridesmaids to-dos are simple: show up, smile, make sure I have flowers/ring/husband. Success!

Also, this post has made me realize I need more pictures of these important ladies. I seriously have no non-preggars photos of Jenna? Why is Marisa so fuzzy? And that picture of Danielle is circa 2004! Of course, I have more recent ones of Evie, I just think drunk-Evie is the cutest :)

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