Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is a Picture of a Dress. It is Not My Dress. But it is Pretty.

sureeus moddle sez:
o hai. iz sumthin in mah hahr?

We have dress. It's true! I own a wedding gown (or, really, my mom put down half a deposit on a wedding gown BUT STILL!), and I love it.

Picking out a wedding gown was pretty terrifying (see Trip 1: wherein I almost had a panic attack in the bridal salon. Not to mention Trip 2: when the kind saleslady had to talk me in the soothing, calm tones one uses on nervous horses and crazy people). But by the time I tried it on for the last time (Trip 3: warehouse, 1 million dresses, crowd gathering around my changing area) and bought it (Trip 4: nice owner, tiny shop), I felt like a pro. My strapless bra came out from a holster. I could balance on those tiny block things in front of the three-way mirror like a champ.

In the end I went with a dress that's light and flowy, a classic silhouette but with unique embellishments. It looks effortless, beautiful, romantic, casual--like most things, it's nothing I would have chosen from the start, but as soon as I made my decision, I knew it was right.

Unfortunately, I can't post a picture of it here, because my wonderful fiance reads this blog and this would ruin the surpriiiiise. Trust me, though. It's awesome. If you leave me a comment though I'll email you a picture! Unless you're Dave. Then you only get to see this:

Dear fiance, Why do I have a picture of Liz Lemon in the wedding dress she bought back in Season 2? Did I maybe once-upon-a-time try to find the dress so you could fulfill all your "I heart Tina" dreams? I admit nothing. But I WOULD have sat around in it watching TV and eating cheetos. For, you know, authenticity.

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