Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wild for Wildflowers

With the big wedding things out of the way (dress, venue, color scheme, wootwoot), I'm starting to think of the details. One of the first bursts of inspiration I got, after picking our reception hall, was to include wildflowers. Our hall opens out into these beautiful rolling green hills, and the view is so beautiful I knew I wanted the decorations inside to enhance it, sort of an "outside-in" kind of mentality.

I know. I am soooooo original, and wildflowers are popping all over the blogosphere, usually in some sort of vintagey, Mason-jary-type container. And why not? They are beautiful, elegant, a touch of casualness, simplicity, and personality. But as much as I love my Mason jars for storing sauces and keeping my flour dry, our hall is a little too classy to go with jars.

Something like this big white bowl, with flowers exploding out of it, is so lovely.

Mostly I'm thinking muted colors, long textured flowers mixed in with softly-pasteled roses and small blooms.

There's just something so sweet and classic about them.

The other thing I noticed is that almost all my favorite floral arrangements don't come from professional florists: brides, et al, headed out to flower markets a few days before to pick out some fresh, local wildflowers and made their own centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. If I don't splode from the many other DIY projects on my list, I may have to add this one too (also, assemble an army of artistic, flower-arranging friends. There's a Craigslist for that, right?).

I have no photo credits because I've been saving these pictures for a year+ and don't keep good notes. I am very sorry, professional photographers, to not properly cite your excellent work. If you see your photo up here and are mad at me, please leave a comment and I will add your info and also FedEx you a puppy. Wearing a bouquet of pastel, softly-colored wildflowers. And eating a red velvet cupcake. WHAT A DEAL!!!

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