Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flow It, Show It, Long as God can Grow, My Hair

I'm on a blogging kick! As the big pieces continue to fall into place (did I maybe get my SHOES in the mail today??), I'm having fun checking out miscellaneous pretty wedding details.

I have no idea what I will be doing with the mop-top on my head, but it is fun to look at pictures. I've actually been growing out my hair for the wedding ever since we got engaged. Pretty much the only opinion Dave actually expressed was that he likes my hair down and long. I like it too, but since we're getting married in August, and since my hair (long, thick, curly, dark) basically rivals solar panels for absorbing light and heat, he may have to give up the dream.

Right now I'm thinking lose, relaxed, messy braids, side bun.

I've long been envious of blonde hair
and how lovely it looks twisted up,
and this lady is no exception.
Also, does she not look JUST like Brita from Community?

This was my go-to style for the summer.
A sweeping side chignon with cute, 1920's charm,
it got me through two weddings and an outdoor date.
The best part?
It takes all of 4 minutes (and 40 bobby pins) to do.
Instructions here (from the always-enviable Martha)

Love love love
So sweet and simple and elegant and relaxed,
which make up some pretty nice qualities to have in a bride on any day.

This one might be stretching too much towards casual, even for me.
But I'll take the giant flower pin and delicate necklace, thanks.

Her hair might be closest to mine,
her sexyface not so much.
Still, if I were going to attempt to go hair down,
this is how I would do it:
big beautiful curls, maze of flowers, vavoom volume

So sweet, I love it.
Another one that actually looks pretty near to my real hair
(although sadly I lack the gloss and bounce).

And to top things off, a real bride!
She is adorable, and, if I do say so myself,
kicks the pants off the models up above.
There is nothing quite like a real-life blushing bride,
pretty and happy with that I just got married!!! glow,
to keep things real.


  1. Dude, your hair is much prettier than Sexyface McBride up there. I totally understand the desire to not. have. your. hair. on. your. neck. For what it's worth, I think number three is my favorite for random special occasion, but I might like number one better for your wedding... a little asymmetry is good.

  2. I agree! And thank you for the compliment re:sexybride. What is up with the mopey bridal models? Do not understand.

    Also, please give your baby a hug for me! His picture is smiling (eyes-closed sleeping) down at me as I type!