Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sound: Swingadelic

Music being the number 1 thing Dave and I don't agree on, I was a little nervous about having to find music for the wedding. On top of that, I do not love the DJs. I briefly toyed with the idea of an iPod wedding (despite warnings from the American Disc Jockey Association about what will happen if you try to use an iPOD!!!!!), but I have eclectic, unusual, and unpopular tastes (also no sound equipment. also no one to man the iPod, so to speak).

Since I don't really like the music DJs play and people don't really like my music (when will the world learn to love Lotion?), I started thinking about fun music in general that will get people up and dancing, and settled on......jazz!

I am not a huge jazz buff, by which I mean I know absolutely zero about good jazz, bad jazz, modern, classic (are those even terms?). All I know is I like to dance to it and Dave and I can agree it.

We decided on a band versus a DJ--something about live music that makes things more exciting--and found Swingadelic.

We went to go check them out in an outdoor concert in Hoboken, where we were joined by my mom and dad, and as soon as we heard them playing, we knew we'd made the right choice.

They made lovely summer night music that got every two year old within a half-mile vicinity up and dancing like some kind of eight-person Pied Piper. But aside from wowing us with their music, they were polite, friendly, and the ultimate pros (their motto: you get married once, we get married hundreds of times).

I am thrilled Swingadelic will be playing at our wedding and cannot wait to kick off what absurdly high (and cute) shoes I wear so I can git down on the dance floor with my friends and family and brand-new husband (dance lessons?).

Swingadelic plays frequently in New York and New Jersey, including several of their wonderful outdoor shows. Fall leaves, picnic, and jazz? Yes, please.

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