Monday, November 15, 2010

Wanna Be on Top?*

A few months ago my mom sent me an article about people making and selling wedding cake toppers (all you have to do is go on etsy and you will trip over about a dozen handcrafted wooden brides and grooms). She was like, "You should do this!" and I was like, "Yeah!"

And then I realized that would entail making my own cake toppers. Hmm...

I added it to my growing list of DIY-To-Dos and put it out of my mind until December and Christmas break, which is when I thought I would take care of all my wedding stuff (rings, bridesmaid dresses, menu-setting), and then I realized my To-Do list had about 40 things on it and that I was actually planning on having a relaxing Christmas and that maybe I'd better get my rear in gear on some of this stuff.

So last weekend I turned on a movie, curled up in my Snuggie, and sculpted a mini-me and a mini-Dave. It was fun!

Aren't they cute? They will be painted normal people-colors and given real clothes (yeah I'm not sculpting a tux out of clay), which is why the bodies look a little wonky and mini-Dave needs "some meat on [his] bones" (to quote a certain groom I know).

I love their little faces. I designed them after the cartoons of me and Dave I draw.

Note the side bun! I like.

My only concern? They're heavy! Like, might fall through the cake heavy... I'm thinking of lopping off the heads (murder! muurrrrderrrr!!!) and attaching them to lightweight modeling clay, which will be hidden by the doll clothes. I'll post cake toppers v2.0 in a few weeks, but so far so good!

*Apologies to all the straight men/people over 40 for my America's Next Top Model reference. You're happier not knowing...

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  1. actually sculpted little versions of yourself for a cake topper? Sheesh. This is the type of thing that makes other brides feel bad about themselves :)

    Your clay hairdo is adorable. Wear it like that for the wedding!