Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bling Ring

Since I've already posted about Dave's future wedding band, I thought it was only fair to post about mine.

It's sort of daunting to pick out your wedding band. I mean, that's the ring you're going to wear for the rest of your life. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIIIIIIFE. Scary, yeah?

I was a little nervous a few months ago, when we started looking around at rings. I knew I didn't want a simple band, but something with a little more flair and personality. I also didn't want something that was only a complement to my engagement ring. I mean, I LOVE my engagement ring, but I wanted my wedding band to stand on its own.

I wasn't sure if I wanted a carved wedding band, like my mom's, or an eternity-style ring with lots of stones. Basically, I was willing to take a look at anything. So, around Christmas time, Dave and I headed to the Diamond District in New York to check out the rings.

Have you ever been to the Diamond District? Those people mean business. You literally cannot stand unattended for more than five seconds before someone shouts at you to check out their jewelry. In fact, that was how we found the jeweler who sold us my ring, when he shouted, "Hey guys, I'm back here!"

I tried on a few things, dismayed as usual that my size-four finger does not fit 99% percent of the rings, when our jeweler pulled out this little baby:

Oooh isn't it lovely? I adored the style, the unique design, the (girly alert!) sparkle. But the icing on the cake? It was a perfect size four.

It took about five minutes for me to decide that this was it, my ring. The ring I'm going to marry Dave with, the ring I'm going to wear forever, the ring that means I'm my kiddo's and he's mine and we're, oh gosh, married!

Here it is with my engagement ring. Complements, but isn't overpowered, subtle but unique--it's my wedding ring! So so so so so so crazy, so crazy wonderful!

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