Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Wedding Cake Will Be... velvet!

Ooooh man.
This was good.
Wedding guests: you are in for a (literal) treat.

Last weekend, Dave and I finally got to go to our bakery,
Eat Cake Bakery,
to try our cakes.

We had already decided on red velvet before the tasting,
but, sensing an opportunity to eat amazing cakes,
we asked to try a variety.

chocolate with vanilla buttercream and filling
and chocolate with peanut butter filling and vanilla buttercream

tiramisu with canoli filling and vanilla buttercream
and...the winner! red velvet amazingness

We could only eat a few bites of each before we started to feel a little...caked out,
but they were all so amazing,
if I wasn't absolutely settled on red velvet,
I don't know how I could have decided.

I think my favorite, for pure taste,
might have been the chocolate peanut butter--
there's just something special about that combination.

Which is not to say there was anything amiss with the red velvet...
in fact, it might have been one the best I've had:
rich cocoa flavor,
pure red color,
oh-so-light cream cheese buttercream,
and a sweet surprise on the bottom,
a thin layer of white chocolate.

We went for something clean and simple for the outside,
sharp corners,
smooth lines,
slightly rough on the outside for a "homemade" finish,
topped off with some fresh flowers,
and our DIY wooden cake toppers.

Can't wait.

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