Monday, March 7, 2011

Well- Suited

I am constantly amazed at the different approaches Dave and I take to wedding planning. Me buying my dress: 4 bridal shops, weeks of searching, agonizing decisions. Him buying his suit: 5 minutes in Joseph A. Banks because they were having a sale.

We'd already gone shopping once for his suit (in Manhattan's suit district. Yes, it exists.), and it didn't go great. Slightly overwhelmed by the choices, Dave had mostly resolved to either go back to Brooks Bros. when they finally put out their spring/summer suits or get something custom made. Either way, since he was buying suits for his groomsmen, he knew it was going to be difficult, expensive, or both to find something that looked nice and fit four differently-sized guys.

Which is why I'm impressed that, as we were walking to the bank last Saturday, he did a double-take at a sale sign for suits at Joseph A. Banks and walked out half an hour later with his wedding suit, another suit for job interviews/presentations, and 4 matching suits for presents for his groomsmen. Every suit was extremely well-made and, if not for the aMAZing sale, too pricey to consider. His total savings were actually more than the total cost of my gown. AND he even ended up with an absolutely beautiful suit--navy blue, like he wanted, with an interesting herringbone weave to set things off.


I think he was skipping on his way out of the store.

We stopped in a department store to look at shoes and as we passed a row of ties he snatched the first gold one he could find ("Bam. Tie. Done."). It was impressive.

All he needed was a pocket square and his shirt, but he was worried he'd already successfully resolved so many wedding issues ("Lemon, I'm Reaganing.") that he didn't want to tempt fate.

So, suit: check. Presents for groomsmen: check. Jealous fiancee: check.

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