Monday, March 1, 2010

Kids n Babies

Baby Adam. Future ring bearer? Eh, he's gotta learn to walk first.

I was reading a wedding blog the other day (yeah, I get it, walking stereotype, whatevs), and it highly, highly recommended banning kids and babies from weddings and receptions. "They're no fun for kids! This is a classy affair! Parents want the break! They're going to cryyyyyy!!!" Which got me thinking, yay or nay on the toddler set?

Because I'm relatively young, I don't have any close friends with kids. With the exception of my future nephew-in-law, Adam, everyone in the immediate family is old enough to grab a beer at our reception. Still, there are several babies of cousins who we plan on inviting (who will likely be rambunctious 2-3 year olds by the time we tie the knot). I've been to "adults-only" weddings and receptions, and ones where kids got their own kid-friendly mini reception (all the adults were envious of the cookies and cakes playland my cousins had for the kids at their Alabama wedding).

I've seen kids have mini meltdowns and seen them charmingly ooh and aah over the brides, and to me, it simply will not be a complete celebration if my littlest family members aren't there. And I get it, kids are unpredictable. They run around and scream and talk very loudly and press cake-covered hands all over white gowns. But my attitude is, they're kids. What do you expect? I'm not inviting them to get up on stage and sing "Fly Me to the Moon" (although how adorable would that be?). If the worst that happens at our wedding is some kid loses his cool and knocks over the cake, ok, it happens, and you deal with it.

If we end up at the reception hall where we're thinking of, we're planning to set aside one of the rooms as the kid room. Throw a TV in there, some Disney movies, hire a couple of baby sitters, and order a pizza--the kids'll be happy to have some space to chill out should the reception prove too boring, the parents'll be happy to drop them off somewhere and enjoy themselves, and Dave and I will be able to coo and snuggle our favorite toddlers.

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