Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proof that there is Logic in the Universe

Dave and I are in Charleston right now, taking a little spring break vacation (him from graduate school, me from a job where insane narcissistic econo-bloggers choose to sacrifice innocent radio producers on the altar of self promotion. what me bitter? noooo...), and on our lovely travels we stopped by a cute little vintage store wherein they had for sale.....

(dramatic pause)


kickin up some heels...

Like, exactly what I have been looking for but have never been able to find! They are calf-high, pointy-toed, bright bright red, nicely embroidered, fit perfectly, exist perfectly! I had a half second debate whether I should buy them or not--"But will I ever really wear them in real life?" I asked. "You blogged about them," Dave said, "you have to buy them."--and of course, the moment I handed over my debit card I knew I had made the right decision.

I spent the rest of the night interrupting the conversation to say "No, but really, aren't they soooo cute???" And it's still hard for me to pass them in the hall without wanting to put them on and go dancin.

Now all I need is a sweet full-skirted wedding gown to go with them...

Dave took this picture.
I was so excited about the boots I put them on as soon as we got outside the shop.


  1. they can abuse your phone number, but they can't touch your boots.

  2. They would be too afraid I'd go after them. Those pointy toes can do some damage