Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cake like WOAH

Going with our laid back, chill out, keepin it simple wedding planning style, Dave and I really aren't planning an over the top cake (cake shaped like a 6-foot statue of myself? do not want). And while I have been known to swoon over the Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book (hello lovelies...), I'm hoping we do fondant-free because, let's be honest here, fondant does not taste good.

Something plain and white and pretty, sitting atop a cake stand, is more to our style (although I think Dave's style, when it comes to cake, is fairly broad...). I like this pretty garland one (Dave says no to maps--again--so we would have to do something different). It's muted colors, traditional shape, clean lines--it is beautiful without being fussy, fancy without being over the top, simple without being boring.

Or, at least, not tooo boring. It'd be nice to have a cake with a little pop and personality, like crisp white frosting covering a WOAH of color:

The rainbow might be a little too Lisa Frank for a wedding, but a nice color gradient? How cool would that be?

I am 90% sure that the top cake is by d.sharp, although I am dumb and forgot to make any notations when I saved this picture 5 months ago. In any case, they have very pretty white cakes with little vintagey strings of garland. They are pretty. Hurrah.

The bottom cake is by Kaitlin, from Whisk Kid. I think she is not a professional baker, but just one of those ridiculously talented people who are just like "What? Oh, this? Yeah, I had nothing to do while I was waiting for my pedicure to dry." Who are these people and how do I befriend them before our wedding?

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