Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Happiest Song in the World

Let me just put it out there, I am a Gleek. And while Dave and I are still on the Great Wedding Music Hunt, there is one song that I know I will dance to at my wedding: the Glee girls' mash-up of "Walkin' On Sunshine" and "Halo," also known as the happiest song in the world. It is like taking pure perkiness and distilling it into 2 minutes and 6 seconds. Every time I put it on I can't help but dance around like a foo'--I just love how it so well expresses the crazy joy you feel when you've found the person you looove.

And, it's also possible I love it so much because those girls look downright adorable in their pretty yellow frocks (big hair? headbands? little silver flats? yes please). I'm thinking of throwing my bridesmaids into yellow (except Evie, my MOH extraordinaire, has requested a color that doesn't wash her out) or wearing some yellow shoes or requesting Dave stick a little yellow flower in his boutonniere. It's a nice little ray of sunshine. Here are some of my faves:

This is Quinn's dress, from Calvin Klein.
It's sold out, but I am like 80% positive I saw it at Marshall's for half off last week
(let's all give it up for the big M)

My first obsession, wedding-planning-wise, were daffodils.
"Let's have a daffodil-themed wedding!" I shouted.
"Um...whaa?" Dave asked.
It was a dark time, filled with many brightly-colored flowers.
The obsession has since waned ('specially because we're probably having a fall wedding),
but I still like this daffodil bouquet ($37 from EdenProject)
and matching boutonniere ($5 from Blooming Gorgeous)

My gown (spoiler alert!) will probably be strapless
I love this sweet garden-themed necklace ($48 from Anthropologie)

I'm pretty much set on wearing yellow shoes, something with some sunshine,
and whimsy, and a bright dash of color.
These suede beauties (by Joan & David, $155.04 from Zappos) are pretty sweet.

Then again, these cuties (by Asics, $64.99 from Online Shoes) ain't too bad either

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